Thursday, March 22, 2018


Mechanism of Action of Nicorandil:
  • The therapeutic activity of nicorandil as a vasodilator is mainly attributed to its nitrate property.
  • Its effective where other nitrates like nitroglycerine aren’t effective.
  • They act in two ways.
  • First nitrate like action and second K+ ATP channel opener.
  • In nitrate like action they follow two paths one is via dilation of epicardial coronary artery resulting in increased coronary flow.
  • And in venodilation which is another path they first help in decreasing preload then ultimately decreased myocardial O2 requirement.
  • Second is K+ ATP channel opener and Nicorandil act by activating K+ATP channels in the mitochondria of the myocardium cells which shows the cardio protective activity.

REFERENCE: Tripathi K.D., “Essentials of Medical Pharmacology”, Jaypee brothers medical publishers, Seventh edition, New Delhi, page no: 522-523.

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