Sunday, March 18, 2018


Mechanism of action
·         Proposed mechanism of action includes platelet mediated triggering of the release of excretory antigen from microfilariae with killing of drug induced teration of prostaglandin metabolism in microfilariae and/or in host endothelial cells. Leading to immobilization of microfilariae on surfaces and adherence and killing by host platelet and granulocytes and inhibition of pf microtubule polymerization.
·         The mechanism of action of diethylcabamazine is thought to involve sensitizing the microfilariae to phagocytosis.
·         One study showed that diethylcarbamazine activity against bruzia malayi microfilariae is dependant on inducible nitric-oxide synthase and the cyclooxygenase pathway.

Reference: Tripathi K.D., "Essentials of Medical pharmacology", Jaypee brothers medical publishers, Seventh edition, New Delhi, page no. 850, 853.

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